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  2. Hi Robert
    As you may know as I tweeted about it in last month or 2, I’m also myself in serious preparation mode and studying like a man possessed most evenings I’m @ some level working towards the goal – maybe in the 2nd half of this year (2011).

    Also you story of presenting, speaking @ large events and gaining experience in that area, using twitter and blogging (all of wish I still do too little)

    Who knows may 1 day join you in the SQL MCM ranks

    Maybe see you this year @ PASS summit (you may be presenting & I might even put in a submission myself)

    I’m waiting on my latest ones for SQLBits 8 (UK) – check out my submissions
    it would be my 2nd conference speaking slot If I get selected {fingers crossed}

  3. Best of luck to you in your preparations afor the MCM nd on SQLBits as well. Looks like great topics. I’d like to see some of those at the Summit.

  4. Thanks for the response
    Hopefully if one (or more gets selected) for SQLBits then we have the videos for replay later on.
    also probably will present these @ the UG events I do sometime in this year and will try to video those as well those maybe a bit more though 🙂

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