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  1. Are you missing the WITH NORECOVERY in your example where you execute the Restore Database CorruptDB Page = ‘1:298’ From Disk = ‘C:UsersSQLSoldierDocumentsBlogFilesCorruptDBBackupsCorruptDB.bak’;

    1. Hi Sandra. No need to use NORECOVERY there. In fact, now that you bring it up, you don’t need to use NORECOVERY on the log file restores either. I did it out of habit. I’m just so used to using NORECOVERY when restoring multiple files.

  2. Wow. So, is it because you’re restoring a page that you don’t have to use NORECOVERY on that restore or the subsequent LOG restores or am I missing something more basic here?

  3. Is it because you’re restoring a page that you don’t need NORECOVERY or am I missing something basic here.

    1. Right. When you’re doing a page restore, SQL Server knows exactly what to do. You don’t need to tell it.

  4. Hi Robert, I understand tail log backup needs to be taken before restore, right?

    1. Hi Patrick. Not for a single page restore like this. We are only restoring a single page, and we have to bring that page current with the rest of the database. If there are no transactions occurring at all, you can take it ahead of time, but if there are transactions occurring then you must do it after the restore, otherwise, the page can’t be brought up to date.

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