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  1. Heh, cute. Thanks for listing that MCM resource, I was wondering about where that was. Not that I’m going to the MCM anytime soon, but I figured why *not* simply study the materials the experts are studying? Weirdly (?) I’ve already got three of those books…

    1. Thanks!! This all started when my wife asked me what I would want if money was no object. PDW and a VM Host were the first two things to come to mind.

      Those books are a whole lot of reading. It’s best to get started early.

  2. Yummmmm….caffeinated maple-bacon lollipops. Gotta pick myself up some of those for stocking stuffers!

  3. mmm… bacon…

    Joking aside, bacon would be good to get at Christmas, especially as I’ll be staying in a vegetarian house! Bacon from Emmett’s of Peasenhall will do nicely, thank you!

  4. Thanks for the post… the MCM reference is awesome for folks like myself who want to become more in-depth with SQL Server or trying to be like SQLSoldier.


    — samson

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