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  1. Hi Robert,
    Thanks for your opinion and insight and I won’t waste your time or mine in saying how disappointed I am at this news. I think your post misses one particularly relevant point in that even *if* MS do eventually implement a program and certification to replace the MCM and MCSM, I firmly believe that by then the program will have been devalued beyond repair for most people (unless something special is announced). Replacing the MCDBA to MCITP (which I had no problem with) and then to the MCSE was already the first steps towards where we are today. But more importantly, the fact that the rug can be pulled so quickly from under people who have in some cases been working years towards these goals with no real notice or replacement/ transition program simply highlights the fact that whatever is put into place can ultimately meet with the same fate. And this really is the point.

    1. Yes, very good points, Mark. I agree completely.

  2. Hi Robert, given that this was decision was taken after many months of consideration (all evidence to the contrary) I look forward to the new Microsoft Certified Genius certification. This will combine both the MCA and MCM. It will consist of a single question.

    Question 1. (Worth 100%)

    You are a Microsoft Certified Genuis. You hav been hired by Company ABC to advise them on designing and implementing their new IT Solution. Without knowing any other information you solution will involve.
    a. Use Windows Azure

    Note. As there is only ever going to be one solution the inclusion of Solutions in the Certification description can be removed.

    1. LOL 😀 Don’t give them any ideas.

  3. I had the same concerns when I read it.

    I really hope, too that the new “vision” is not about a “Master light”.


    1. My biggest worry is that it will become an MVP-style award. Not that there’s anything wrong with the MVP award, they just measure different things in different ways. Both ways are fine for what they are measuring, but neither would be right for the other.

      1. That might even be worse. But I cannot imagine that. There is already MCC and MVP, no need for further “awarding”.
        But maybe to just keep the costs low.. maybe that’s the idea..
        Well, let’s not meet trouble halfway and give anyone false ideas.

        Then better let the MCM/MCA be buried and become “legendary” 😀

        In fact I cannot imagine ~500 votes on connect getting ignored completely. After all.. what happens if MCMs skip certain conferences…

  4. I didn’t realize there was such a negative connotation towards the “boot-campers”. I thought my MCITP boot camp was run very well and at the end I was pretty proud of earning that certification. The professor was very knowledgeable and my classmates were all pretty talented IT professionals (not everyone wore just a DBA hat, but who does these days). We all spent nights on end reading, researching, studying and taking practice exams and I personally learned a lot – of course I rely on my notes, as it’s hard to truly absorb that much information in a single week. The testing facility took their process very seriously. I chose this route because of my busy lifestyle – kids, family, day job, personal life, etc.

    That said, what’s ironic is that on my way camping last Thursday I was actually talking about the MCM program with my wife. I knew that was something I wanted to take on as time and money permitted. I’m glad I didn’t start down that route, but then again – now what? I hope the MCITP isn’t the highest accolade a DBA can earn…

    1. Not all boot camps are equal, unfortunately. Sounds like yours was different. There are lots of boot-camps out there that simply teach people how to pass the exam and don’t really turn out skilled professionals. Those people end up getting jobs that they can’t do, and thus the boot-camp-paper-certification legend is born.

      1. I think a lot of it depends on the person. When I was taking the MCITP exams, I used the published study guides. But I used them as a catalog of all the features I needed to learn and master, not as a way to trick the exam.

        And then I had co-workers who laughed at me and bragged about buying brain dumps off the internet.

        Well, the truth always comes out when there’s a system down and it needs to get fixed.

        1. You’re absolutely right, Steven. When I interview someone that has certifications, I like to ask them how they prepared for the certification exam. I think that question ultimately tells me a lot about the candidate.

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