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  1. Hi Robert,

    Very good Post. I believe very few people understand that that it takes lot of hardwork, dedication and immense knowledge become a SQL MCM.

    Regarding dumb questions my take is one should not feel embarassed to ask them. If one does not question, he/she will never learn.


    1. Thanks Meher! I agree compeltely.

  2. Wait…I have a dumb question!! hehe

    First some context: behind my web browser that I am typing this in, I have SSMS open and I am looking at some sql to create a table that has a column of type uniqueidentifier, and I’m thinking, WWSSD? and hearing a voice that says “don’t, please don’t, name that column [guid]”…

    My question: for standards and best practices, are there authors or sources you recommend? (Besides you of course.) I have the 433 test book, and I have a T-SQL Fundamentals book I like too.

    1. As a good rule of thumb, I avoid any object names that require square brackets, underscores, etc. In short, nothing that will slow down my typing as it requires hitting the shift key or out of reach keys. DBAs hate that. 🙂

      If you need books on T-SQL, Itzak Ben-Gan would be a good book. And any books on this list would be good choices:

      1. This is a great list, thanks!

        Funny you mention underscores…my career started with Unix so I’m in a habit of naming_things_like_this and NotLikeThis because of case sensitivity…but I’m trying to change my ways…

        Keep up the good work, love the blog.

        1. Thanks! Yeah, I did a fair amount of PERL development on Unix back in the day.

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