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  1. Does the Idera tool still exist? I can’t find it on their page but NitroAccelerator seems to be very similar in appearance

    1. I can’t seem to find the Idera tool, but it was a rebranded version of NitroAccelerator, so it is the same thing.

  2. I found out today that the “Idera Traffic Accelerator” product was just a rebrand of the NitroAccelerator product, and Idera stopped offering it in Fall of 2015.

    The Nitro product is here:

  3. Hello! Yes, NitroAccelerator is the same product as SQLAccelerator. Infact we have just released a new version Called NitroAccelerator Turbo that is even faster than previous versions and requires NO restart of SQL Server. Feel free to download a free trial and get in touch!

  4. Thanks for the mention Jon! Just to confirm, Idera was selling a rebranded version of our product, NitroAccelerator. We are now taking care of the Idera customers – all under the NitroAccelerator name. We have a near equal number of customers using us for replication across geos as for running distributed/Cloud apps. There is a new version available that provides even better performance improvement. Generally customers end up paying 75-80% less of the cost of installing and maintaining appliances for our solution.

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