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  1. As far as I’m aware, Brent was the only MVP to get through the old program. To date there are 5 people who are both MVPs and MCMs. They are Brent, Myself, Maciej, Simon, and Jonathon. I’m sure that there will be more MVPs joining the MCM program as the MVPs continue to take the lab under the MCM beta program. However even some MVPs have had problems getting passed the knowledge exam so at least for now it’s going to stay a pretty small group.


    1. Thanks to Paul Randal, I was able to confirm that Bob Duffy is an MCM, MCA, and an MVP. Post above edited to reflect this.

  2. Also added Simon Sabin and Maciej Pilecki to the list of MVPs who are now MCMs as well.

  3. Thanks to those that have provided more names of those who are joint MVPs/MCMs/MCAs!!

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  5. Christian Bolton is also an MVP, MCM and MCA.

  6. Thanks for the update Richard!! I knew he was an MCM and an MCA. Did not know he was an MVP as well.

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