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  1. […] You are invited to visit his blog to join the blog party. You are welcome to write your own… [full post] SQLSoldier SQLSoldier sql servert-sqlt-sql tuesdaytips & tricks 0 0 […]

  2. APPLY, XML, trace files… very nice work! Thanks for joining in, Robert!

    1. Thanks Matt!! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Very cool! This is awesome!

    1. Thanks!! The poor developers trying to fix the dozens of deadlocks were very happy.

  4. Hat tip to you sir. A fine example of T-SQL art.

  5. […] T-SQL Tuesday #17: Using Apply to Demystify Deadlocks – Brilliant and novel use of the APPLY operator here, shared with us by Robert L. Davis(Blog|Twitter). The APPLY operator was the theme for this months T-SQL Tuesday in case you had not noticed. Normally I try to avoid sharing multiple posts from the same topic pool but this week there was just too much good content that it would be wrong to deny you of it. […]

  6. […] Davis ( Blog | @SQLSoldier ) wrote on how he used APPLY when parsing deadlock information from trace […]

  7. […] Source: […]

  8. nice work.. I too did it in a different output format… but this is shorter and simpler than my one..

    1. Thanks Ahmad! I’d love to see your version. Feel free to post a link to it.

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