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  1. Great reminder that all of us make mistakes.

    1. Thanks Brent.

  2. Thank you ! Valuable advise, I think. Rick Willemain

    1. Thanks Rick!

  3. […] Robert Davis describes how he recovered from accidentally deleting a production-necessary LUN: […]

  4. I once deleted a data file in Oracle. Didn’t even have to take it offline first.

    1. I didn’t see in his article where the database was offline. Depending on his AlwaysOn setting the database would have failed over to the Secondary replica (read/write) automatically or manually. Perhaps he had two or more secondary replicas.

      1. Our AGs are not configured to failover automatically so no failover occurred.

  5. Greetings,

    I had something similar to this happen at a prior work place. Except that it was a NAS system holding all virtual systems, including the SQL. I had a full virtual environment given to me for development and support purposes. I had also asked for backup for this system as well for in case something bad would happen. I.T. had told me that I didn’t need no backup. So, I worked for a year on a huge project involving the database and a whole new front end with hundreds of pages. I was about 2 months away from release to production. Just adding a few glossy touches to the whole system when all of a sudden *cue the horror music*, My whole virtual environment started getting major drive errors and then it crashed completely and would not reboot. From all appearances, the system never existed. I.T. went to work to “try to find out what happened”. I found out a few days later that the exact same person that said I didn’t need no stinkin backup for my virtual system had given all of my NAS drives away to another developer. This person had then immediately repartitioned the drives – resulting in a complete and total loss of *ALL* of my stuff. That includes the new database, the reports, front end and a years worth of development. *Umm – can you say “oops”?*. Needless to say, management wasn’t very happy with this type of mistake and I had the drives restored to me later on. I still had to rebuild the entire development system though. Oh, as for the huge project, I was able to release it on time and thus saving multiple collective butts. I didn’t spend 2 months staying awake all night rebuilding a years worth of work, I just restored most of my work from the impromptu backups I had made to my physical hard drive on my local pc. You know – just in case *something* might happen. 🙂

    1. Wow, that’s quite the story, Terry. Thanks for sharing it!

  6. Like watch’n the pro’s on TV still make mistakes – We all do. Backups, AG, Mirroring, DR, etc. can be wonderful things

  7. 01: Didn’t panic – That is definitely the best advice in any disaster situation!

    1. Agree 100%. Being prepared and knowing you have protection in place will help you do that.

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