Warning: Not a valid checkpoint file name

One of the other DBAs I work with noticed a warning message that was flooding the log files on one of our servers. He asked me to look into it. I did a Bing search for the warning message and found no useful links. This is the warning message: [WARNING] HkHostBackupGetCheckpointFileInfoV2(). Database ID: [<database ID>]. Not a valid checkpoint file name. FileName: fffeaca6-ffff519f-fffc.00015359-0000ae60-0003.c1242a5d-8a93-46ec-9e21-cf41c32179fa.0-0.1000016. (d:\b\s1\sources\sql\ntdbms\hekaton\sqlhost\sqlmin\hkhostbackup.cpp : 2958) The database ID was the ID of the database in which we had recently
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